Donations from denominations, individuals and congregations enable the Southern California Ecumenical Council
to foster religious understanding, to advocate for social justice and to advance the well-being of all people.

Your giving will help the Southern California Ecumenical Council:

  • proclaim a prophetic witness about caring for all of God's creation;
  • work for immigration justice and environmental responsibility;
  • challenge congregations and denominations to see Christian unity as an essential element in faithful and effective ministry;
  • continue the Week of Prayer Service, Faith and Order Commission;
  • be one of the few voices in the church with a major focus on reconciliation among the various points of view;
  • be a local, visible link in the ecumenical, world-wide network of councils of churches at state and national levels who share study and action specifically for the benefit of empowering denominations and congregations to be a united Christian witness;
SCEC is a bargain! For the above reasons your gift is well invested. Every Christian has a stake in nurturing the broadest possible presence of the church in the world;

SCEC represents minimum capital investment; this is a labor intensive operation giving you maximum return on your contribution.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your own “above and beyond” support for the Southern California Ecumenical Council!
Together we are stronger for God's mission!
Giving by credit card is available here

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