SCEC History

Centennial of Southern California
Ecumenical Council
Rev. Gene Boutilier
September 27, 2012, Pasadena, California

We are celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the founding of our state council of churches in
California. We give thanks to the holy One, the source of all Christian unity, for the accom-plishments of this movement. We honor the collection of willing ecumenical activists who have accomplished a world of good together in God’s name. We will enjoy a few minutes of remembrance and nostalgia, a
eulogy. (more)


SCEC has been involved since 2009 with initiatives to provide pastoral care for war veterans and their families. Ths year the SCEC has launched a Women Veterans Task Force with funds provided by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Synod of Southern California and Hawaii. Its focus has been to extend the existing ministry for veterans begun earlier in conjuction with Fuller and the Veterans Program at Pasadena City College. The goal is to build supportive relationships between churches and veterans and their families living in the region. We welcome links with congregations already working with veterans.


The SCEC has embarked on a year-long process of discernment and renewal. In order to facilitate this, we have set up an Ecumenical Research Task Force to explore the shape of ecumenism in the 21st century, specifically new models of ecumenical association. The Task Force, composed of both SCEC and non-SCEC members, will be interviewing a wide range of Christian leaders in the Southland -- pastors, academics, ecumenists, church leaders -- over the next months, garnering perspectives from the field and enriching our perceptions of what is possible.



The Southern California Ecumenical Council (SCEC) is a regional body representing churches, denominations, related ministries and other ecclesiastical communities who cooperate to promote responsible and creative expressions of our Christian unity and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through ecumenical networks and inter-religious partnerships SCEC works to foster religious understanding, to advocate for social justice and to advance the well-being of all people. The Week of Prayer Service and the Faith and Order Commission part of the current work of the Council.



"The Church: Towards a Common Vision"
September 26-28, 2014 at the Cathedral of St. Leon, Burbank, California
The Rev. Canon Dr. John Gibaut WCC Faith & Order

Download the brochure for the 2014 North American Academy of Ecumenists – Southern California Ecumenical Council joint conference.


Annual Ecumenical Prayer Service
Sunday, January 26, 2014
At Our Savior Church, USC Caruso Catholic Center, Los Angeles


This year’s Ecumenical Prayer Service for the Week of Christian Unity, sponsored by the SCEC, drew attendees from more than a dozen Christian denominations to the new Caruso Catholic Center at USC and to its distinctive neo-Romanesque Church of Our Savior. The striking edifice, with stained glass windows by Judson Studios in Pasadena and Stations of the Cross by painter Peter Adams, was dedicated in 2012. Rev. Alexei Smith, SCEC president, and Father Lawrence Seyer, pastor of the Caruso Center, greeted the participants and Bishop R. Guy Erwin, new head of the Southwest Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, preached on the sober and challenging theme: “Has Christ Been Divided?” The prayer service itself focused on the gifts that the different Christian traditions bring to the whole experience of Christianity. The service was enlivened by the musical contributions of the “Pilgrim Pickers” and the contemporary hymns of Jim Manly and also by contributions from the student-based music ministry of the Caruso Center, which included an instrumental trio, and the center’s Latin schola.

This year's recipient of the Gene Boutilier Award for Outstanding Ecumenical Service was the veteran ecumenical leader, Larry W. Hixon (Disciples of Christ). You can read the full text of Gene Boutilier's remarks here

Following the service, SCEC hosted a reception at the center’s Newman Hall.

From left to right, a guest with Rev. Sally Welch, Rev. Albert Cohen, Rev. Alexei Smith, and Ms. Judi Cline.

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See our Appeal Letter (dated December 2013)

Doing Mission and Evangelism Ecumenically


We Christians believe that we are called to fulfill God’s mission to the whole inhabited world (oikoumene).  It is a mission that is holistic—feeding, clothing, housing, healing, comforting, forgiving, reconciling—addressing the various needs of people of every time and place.  Part of this mission includes evangelism (or evangelization).  The concern of evangelism is to bring persons to a new life in Jesus Christ.  Authentic life in Christ compels us to call people into communion with God, with one another, and with creation.  We followers of Christ are to proclaim by word and example the Gospel—the Good News—of Christ and of God’s reign, bearing witness to his saving death and resurrection for all. Read more

We of the Southern California Ecumenical Council wish to respond to the recent passage of our neighboring state law, Arizona State Law SB1070, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 24, 2010. Read More

Immigration statements and policies adopted by
various religious bodies and faith-based coalitions

Message from Church World Service

Support Immigration Reform

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013




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